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Imagine the tremendous impact of your legacy after more than 100 years of investment, not only in the markets but also in sustainable projects that change lives. How will your LEGACY change the world? 
Gifts to Rotary's Endowment ensure that future Rotary Club members will have the resources they need to design and implement sustainable projects year after year. Click HERE to learn more.
Endowment Chair: Gail Lehrmann (Parker)
So many opportunities to leave a LEGACY....it is your donor's choice!
Naming Opportunities
Special opportunities are available to create an endowment or make a directed gift in your name or the name of a loved one. Endowed gifts are invested in perpetuity, with part of their earnings spent on a designated program. Directed gifts are spent in their entirety, usually in the following Rotary year.
Endowed Global Grant Fund
$500,000 or more: You can specify up to three of the following: the district sponsor, the area of focus, the general geographic region of the project, or the type of grant activity, such as a project or scholarship.
$250,000 or more: You may choose up to two of the options listed above
$150,000 or more: You may choose one grant activity type, such as a humanitarian project, scholarship, or vocational training team.
Named endowment: If you donate $25,000 or more, you can direct the money to one of the following:
Area of Focus: funds global grants in one area of focus
World Fund: funds global grants in all areas of focus
SHARE: supports the World Fund and provides district designated funds to your district
Rotary Peace Centers: supports Rotary’s partnership with leading universities around the world to train professionals in conflict resolution, peace studies, international relations, and related disciplines
The Endowment acts as an expert informational resource of networked financial and legal professionals to assist 5450 Rotarians, their families and others in making significant donations and bequests that further the goals of Rotary through the The Rotary Foundation Endowment.

What is the Endowment?

To ensure the Foundation's strong future, the Endowment is invested in perpetuity. A portion of the fund is allocated to benefit Foundation programs every year, providing an extra stream of income to meet the increasing demand for the Foundation's programs and to ensure the Foundation's ability to meet urgent human needs into the future.

The Endowment includes Benefactors and Bequest Society members.

A Benefactor is someone who makes a provision in their estate plans for The Rotary Foundation or makes a $1,000 gift to the Endowment.

Individuals or couples who have made commitments in their estate of $10,000 or more become members of the Bequest Society.