District 5450 PR and Training Teams are providing to all clubs a basic member orientation PowerPoint presentation, originally developed by Debbie Adams of Longmont Twin Peaks RC.  The first 20 slides are standard and have a “notes” section with detailed information.  Following are the recommendations to adapt these presentations to your specific club’s needs.  Access the presentation via the link at the bottom of the page.
Slide 1 Highlight and type in your club name
Slide 11
Highlight the AG name “Dan Gust” and type in your AG’s name
Slide 21 Insert your “new” club logo
Slide 22 Change this to reflect your club’s history
Slide 23 Adapt to your club’s info
Slides 24-32 Adapt or delete to meet your club’s needs.  Suggest that you end with your club’s “new” logo in “white.”  If you need help generating this, the PR Committee can help (rotarypr5450@gmail.com)