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DAVE TALBOT UPDATE: Time for Rotary Magic
LATE BREAKING UPDATE: All we need is $5,000 more to finish the modification of Dave's bathroom. Can you help us reach this goal in the next two weeks? Then he's DONE!!!!  www.beatool.org/davetalbot
Through the magic of modern medicine Dave Talbot, long-time Rotarian, great friend to many, and source of mobility devices throughout Africa, is out of the hospital, out of rehab, and is recuperating at home and in physical therapy. 
So, that he can recover in familiar surroundings, his house needs to be accessible.  And this is where our Rotary Magic-making must begin.  www.beatool.org/davetalbot
Access to the District’s Facebook page, District website, and monthly District Newsletter has been opened by the leadership of District 5450 for clubs to share activities and opportunities.  It is meant to facilitate sharing among clubs, and is not open to private organizations or individuals wanting to gain access to our membership.  Following are guidelines for how to use Facebook, the District website, and the monthly District Newsletter.
1. FACEBOOK:  If your club has a Facebook Page:  Write up a SHORT description of the activity (what, when, where, cost?) and upload it along with a JPG version of your event flyer.  (NOTE:  Shorter is better on social media.)  Examples from a peach sale, an Interact fundraiser, and a service activity:
Want it shared on the District’s Facebook page?  First of all, “like” the District’s Facebook page, and when “accepted” then the District PR Team will “share” your post from your club’s Facebook page to the District’s Facebook page.  If it is a time-sensitive event, we encourage the club to re-post the article to their Facebook page.  The District will be notified and we will try to repost to keep our audience informed.
If your club does not have a Facebook Page, send your short description and JPG of the event flyer to the PR Committee (rotarypr5450@gmail.com) and ask that it be included on the District’s Facebook page.  The key is that it MUST BE SHORT.  Successful social media posts are very short, concise, and has a picture (jpg).
2.  CLUB/DISTRICT WEBSITE:  Whatever web platform you use, it’s easy to keep your club and community members up to date on what’s going on.  Simply prepare a story – use plenty of pictures – and upload to the appropriate section of your website.
Want to share the word through the District website in the Club Events Section?  Send your SHORT write-up and any pictures or flyers to office@rotary5450.org.
3.  DISTRICT NEWSLETTER:  Whatever you write up for your website, Facebook page, or other media, consider sending a copy to office@rotary5450.org after the event is over. It will be considered for the monthly District Newsletter.  Deadline for submission:  the 25th of each month.
Questions?  Send them to rotarypr5450@gmail.com
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